Friday, May 14, 2010

Western Regional Day Report Center accepts $20,000 worth of equipment

May 14, 2010 @ 12:00 AM

The Herald-Dispatch
HUNTINGTON -- The Western Regional Day Report Center recently accepted about $20,000 worth of equipment from Husqvarna, a worldwide producer of outdoor equipment.

Justin Lockwood, assistant director of the Western Regional Day Report Center, said donated items included chain saws as well as lawn mowers and trimmers. The donation was made by Rich Hardware & Rental in Barboursville, a local distributor of Husqvarna products.

Lockwood said the new equipment will be used by those assigned to the day report centers in Cabell and Wayne counties. Crews, which are made up of about 10 to 15 nonviolent offenders, travel around the area cleaning up public properties like parks and roadways.

Lockwood said they've recently participated in a massive community service project at the Beech Fork State Park with the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection and the governor's REAP Program. Crews from the day report center also participate in tire cleanups and debris removal projects around the community, Lockwood said.

Cabell County Manager Stephen Zoeller said the crews tried out the new tools during a clean up at a piece of property on Darnell Road in Barboursville. The property, Zoeller said, was purchased by FEMA and given to the county to maintain.

Crews cleaned up the site and cut overgrown brush. The day report center crews, Zoeller said, provide a great service for the community by performing tasks that others don't have the time to do.

To suggest public properties to be cleaned up in Cabell and Wayne counties, visit the Western Regional Day Report Center's website at